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USD $3989.83

GBP £3042.30

EUR €3355.84

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NiceHash Stats

Wallet Confirmed: 0.00000000 BTC | Wallet Pending: 0.00000000 BTC | Mining Balance: 0.00054091 BTC

Breakdown by Algorithm

Lyra2REv2 0.00001031 BTC
CryptoNight 0.00012591 BTC
Lbry 0.00000022 BTC
Equihash 0.00040098 BTC
Blake2s 0.00000349 BTC

These are the currently active workers mining on the Nicehash pool for the 36uTBc7nkxnCF2Mq9etQkLCD8GSYqmSYE9 hash, feel free to join us!


Algorithm: CryptoNight
Time: 8 mins
Difficulty: 80000
Speed: 0.27
Location: EU

Algorithm: Equihash
Time: 473 mins
Difficulty: 128
Speed: 327.29
Location: EU