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My Bitcoins


Balance: 0.00000000 BTC (USD $0.00)

Bitcoin Value

USD $2423.48

GBP £1904.15

EUR €2113.30

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NiceHash Stats

Balance: 0.01111408 BTC

Breakdown by Algorithm

NeoScrypt 0.00008501 BTC
Lyra2REv2 0.00074076 BTC
Decred 0.00000390 BTC
Lbry 0.00005465 BTC
Equihash 0.01022670 BTC
Pascal 0.00000188 BTC
X11Gost 0.00000118 BTC

These are the currently active workers mining on the Nicehash pool for the 1LwgVb4CNqhG7hTuyhynftsU9NxSdSFutJ hash, feel free to join us!


Algorithm: Equihash
Time: 46 mins
Difficulty: 64
Speed: 15
Location: EU