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Hey there, I am Carlos. I making things! :)

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About Me

My full name is Carlos Jorge Lima Ferreira, but my friends call me Carlos. (yes, you can call me Carlos)

I was born in 1994, which makes me 23 years old young, I share a birthday with Cher, although she was born 48 years before me.

I lived in Viseu, Portugal*, until I was 13, and I am now living in London. (the one in the United Kingdom)

I graduated with a first-class degree in BSc (Hons) Computer Science from the University of Greenwich.

I studied A-Levels in Mathematics (with Statistics), ICT, Portuguese and Graphics Design.

*Sim, eu sei falar e escrever em Português, and English.

Things I do

Drink at least a cup of coffee a day.

I like to write and contribute to open-source code.

I created some PHP Caching Library.

I have my own PHP framework, deeply inspired in my love for biscuits.

Oh and a JavaScript framework for always running web applications.

I often complain about my train commute.

I have grown a recent obsession with cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin.

I've been a Web Application Developer at ADVFN since February 2015.

I've been a Lead Mentor, International Speaker, and Content Creator for CoderDojo since May 2013.

Currently the head of development for the CoderDojo London website.

Things I like

Superhero Comics, Movies, TV Shows & Collectibles.

Japanese culture, including Manga and Anime.

This sort of music.

Learning new stuff.

Things I dislike

Spiders. The bigger kind.

Public Transportation.