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 My Life Events

I was going to write a old boring styled resume, but then realised no one likes to look into those things. Here is a timeline of my life.

Of course, you could always checkout my LinkedIn for a more "professional" look.

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  • Apr: Officially released my own PHP Framework called Biscuit Link.
  • Jan: Launched this website and the new carlos.fyi brand.
  • Jan: Became head of development for the new CoderDojo London website.



  • Oct: Now Web Application Developer at ADVFN.
  • Jul: Graduated, with first class, BSc (Hons) Computer Science from University of Greenwich in London.
  • Feb: First junior developer role at ADVFN.


  • Sep: Joined the new CIS mentors at University of Greenwich, on my third year.


  • Sep: Joined the then called CMS mentors at University of Greenwich, on my second year.
  • Sep: Volunteered for a week at Campus Party at The O2 in London.
  • May: Became a lead mentor for CoderDojo in London.


  • Nov: Adopted a new cat. Molly the cat, she is essentially, my instagram account.
  • Sep: Started my university degree at University of Greenwich in London. BSc (Hons) Computer Science.
  • Jul: Finished my A-level studies at St Francis Xavier 6th Form College in South London.


  • Jul: Finished my GCSE studies at, then called, Stockwell Park High School in South London.


  • Mar: Moved from Viseu, Portugal to London, United Kingdom.


  • Apr: Cajogos, my first website, was built. I was then 12 years old. My passion for web development started then.


  • May: Viseu, Portugal. I was born.