How to solve a 3x3 Rubik's Cube

Face Rotations

The system to solve a Rubik's cube uses a simple face rotation schema. You will find that the whole face will rotate either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Below is an example of all the face rotations you might need to make:

Step 1: Daisy

Create a daisy shape using the yellow-side of the cube.

Step 2: White Cross

Turn the sides around so that the edges match the centre pieces.

Step 3: White Corners

Match the white corners with the edge and centre pieces.

Step 4: Second Layer

Move the pieces into their correct positions by using a right and left algorithm.

Right Edge Algorithm

Left Edge Algorithm

Step 5: Yellow Cross

Do the following to reach the yellow cross:

Center Dot      Reverse L shape      Line      Cross

Step 6: Yellow Edges

Use the following algorithm to swap two wrong yellow edges.

Step 7: Yellow Corners

Look for a yellow corner which is on the right position, then hold the cube in your hands with this one in the front-right-top and execute the algorithm below.

If the pieces didn't get where they belong do the algorithm one more time.
Sometimes you can't find a piece in the correct spot. In this case utilize the same algorithm for any random corner to bring one to the correct position.

Step 8: Orient the corners

Hold the cube in your hand so the upper piece you want to orient is on the FRT corner, then do this algorithm twice or four times.

Warning: DO NOT skip the last D turn as soon as you see the yellow sticker facing up at the top. Keep going until the whole algorithm is done.